Boiling Frogs-Intel vs. the Village

"Boiling Frogs - Intel vs. the Village" recounts the story of Intel Rio Rancho's impact on the air and water in the Village of Corrales from the mid-1980s to the present day. Updates to this ongoing saga will be posted here.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Springtime in Portland

A post from Dirk Knudsen, community activist from Portland, Oregon where Intel is building Fabs aplenty and reputed to be hiring as many as 17,000 people. Dirk is a long-time resident of the area and has experienced the illnesses that result from exposure to Intel's toxins. Dirk totally gets it. He and many others in their area have read "Boiling Frogs" and have learned from the New Mexico Intel Experience. I wish them well..... "......Adding to that is the fact that many people make their money in their business lives off a a large corporations existence and then drive home at night to a place outside the community; this applies to many situations in life. I know from being here many decades that many in the decision loop have businesses that rely upon the Intel Fabs. One has to wonder if those folks are compromised. The answer clearly is yes. Maybe if I was compromised I could own a nice home or some land West of Hillsboro where the breeze does not blow the toxins and pollutants onto me. Out West of where the Air Quality Meter has been placed by people in power in Oregon who did so without local input; it now is at Hare field where never if ever a single pollutant from any of the Fabs in Hillsboro will blow. Who is doing this? Who is making these things happen? And why is it always done in the dark or in shadowy places without proper notice? I want to know and I want answers- and at the point I stop caring about reprisals and retributions against my real estate business I am coming to get them. Since I am not political it will not matter to me who's toes I might step on. I hope more of you stop allowing this topic to be "handled" by others or couched in explanations and crafted statements. It is simple. Intel in this case has poisoned the air. They want to do more of it. And they will not stop. Even our Governor who lives in Vista Hills, not Salem, is now about 5 miles directly East of the Fab - maybe he the good Doctor will care. Maybe. Oregon is the latest to reap the harvest and give away the farm at the same time. Others that have come before us have nothing good to say about the whole experience; they are left with what remains which is a terrible mess long after the Jobs are gone!" Dirk Knudsen