Boiling Frogs-Intel vs. the Village

"Boiling Frogs - Intel vs. the Village" recounts the story of Intel Rio Rancho's impact on the air and water in the Village of Corrales from the mid-1980s to the present day. Updates to this ongoing saga will be posted here.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Boiling Frogs Public Radio Interview

Listen to an hour-long interview of Barbara Rockwell and Roberta King on KUNM radio's Women's Focus hosted by Carol Boss on the following link:


At 1:15 AM, Blogger GATOR said...

You don't know all the facts. Don't beleive everything you hear from your liberal friends. Intel does not use HMDS and hasn't for over 15 years. I would know.


At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Rana said...

Gator needs to get his facts straight, that seems to be a problem with these liberal haters. A quick look at Intel's quarterly emission reports for 2003 (the last year for which I have data) shows HMDS usage of:
January 540 lbs
February 488 lbs.
March 437 lbs.
April 514 lbs.
May 514 lbs.
June 514 lbs.
July 720 lbs.
August 842 lbs.
September 463 lbs.

Looks like tons of the stuff to me, Gator.


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